Inspirational print and graphic design by Charmaine Bailey

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Be Your Own Kind of Beauty
There are enough other people who choose to copy others' beauty, be the one to show your truly unique beauty.
Be Yourself and the Right People Will Love you
Don't try to change yourself just to be liked. You are perfect as you are and the right people can see that.
You Don't Have to be Rich to Shine
Being rich would be great but, don't forget there are many forms of richness that includes the love of a supportive family.
Another Day, Another Chance to Shine
Your goals and dreams are just waiting for you to shine bright and succeed.
Shine Bright Like a Diamond
I know, I know, you already know you do but I just thought I'd remind you anyway!
Never be Afraid of Trying New Things
Dreams Can Come True
Even if they seem so far off, dreams can come true if you put your mind, heart and soul into it.
Be Like an Eagle Learn How to Fly
An eagle can fly quite high and that to me inspires me to fly high just like an eagle to make my journey count.
Leap For Your Dreams
A tiger won't sit and ponder whether it should take a leap, it plans, prepares and it takes that leap of faith whether it fails or not.
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